Who We Are

We are designers. We are educators. We are consultants. We are technologists. Our mission is to make it sustainable for schools to provide high quality 21st century character-based education and successfully implement digital technology to enhance teaching and learning.

What We Do

Lessonbee provides adaptive digital curriculum; a fully managed learning platform that supports reflective learning, flipped learning, self-paced learning, individualized learning, and blended learning; technology implementation support, and; classroom instruction resources.

Our Humble Beginnings

Reva McPollom


Katie McPollom

Teacher Advocate

In 2016 our founder, Reva McPollom, asked her partner, Katie McPollom, a high school educator and administrator, what are some gaps her school faces. Katie said three things: quality health education, access to resources, and credit recovery. After speaking with dozens of other New York school teachers, Reva came to learn that these weren't unique challenges.

Health education has implications beyond the classroom. Students’ perspectives on health impact themselves, their families, their community, and the world at large. Credit recovery is essential for students to gain entry to higher education. And access to resources and innovative approaches to instruction are important for teachers who are constrained by limited access to technology tools, content, and other resources they need to be successful. Yet, as important as these things are, they often take low priority against all the other daily challenges teachers face.

With this knowledge, Reva began developing a solution to deliver quality health education online. She enlisted the good folks at Smart Sparrow to help develop an adaptive digital curriculum that students could engage with in the same way that they do social media and gaming, and built a platform that would support flipped learning for use in conjunction with classroom instruction, as well as self-paced learning for use with credit recovery programs. She also made sure the content was culturally responsive; something Katie - who has spent her career serving urban student populations in New York, St. Louis, and India - said was important.

The result of all this was Lessonbee, a 21st century digital learning platform with adaptive curriculum designed specifically with NYC’s diverse student population, urban school teachers, and NYSED’s health education standards in mind. Launched in 2017, Lessonbee allows teachers to meet health education requirements; manage homework, tasks, quizzes and reflections online; access resources, and more; all in a single digital platform.