Who We Are

We are designers. We are educators. We are consultants. We are technologists. Our mission is to help teachers be more effective and make it sustainable for schools to implement digital technology to enhance teaching and learning.

What We Do

Lessonbee provides adaptive curriculum; a digital learning technology platform (Lessonbee) that supports flipped learning, self-paced learning, individualized learning, blended learning, and metacognitive activities (reflections); technology support, and; classroom instruction resources.

Our Humble Beginnings

Reva McPollom


Katie McPollom

Teacher Advocate

In 2016, Reva and Katie began a mission to use technology to provide holistic health education, access to resources, and credit recovery options for high school students in Brooklyn, NY. Very quickly, they realized that traditional learning management systems would not meet the needs and expectations of 21st century learners or teachers, and that existing digital curriculum resources were not culturally responsive enough for NYC’s diverse student population.

They thought a lot about the importance of culture with respect to health decisions, and how character-based education has taken a backseat to standards-based education. And then an epiphany: the pressures of national academic standards made it difficult for schools to prioritize anything other than Common Core, not just to the detriment of health education or credit recovery, but to the detriment of innovative instructional strategies, and building culture and character.

Pulling from their collective experiences - Reva as a digital marketing, technology, and learning and development executive, and Katie as a veteran teacher and school principal - they considered best in class performance support, learning management, and project management platforms alongside evidence-based approaches to reflective learning and building culture in schools. Those insights led to Lessonbee, the first Reflective Learning Management System.

Today, Lessonbee offers schools a way to operationalize reflective learning strategy and character-based education; access and share resources; manage lessons, tasks, homework, reflections, and quizzes; deliver credit recovery programs and teacher professional development; and more. We are committed to creating digital learning solutions that inspire connection, openness, diversity, metacognition, and a sense of community for teachers and students.