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Middle School Health & SEL Education

Physical Health

    #Vape Products#Drugs#STDs#Reproduction#Advocacy#Self-Management#Nutrition#Relationship-Management#Stress-Management#Resilience#Communication
5 Sections

1. Physical Health

1.How the Body Works

2.Caring for Your Body

3.Making Healthy Choices

2. Mental Health and Wellness

1.What is Mental Health?

2.Managing Stress and Building Resilience

3.Mental and Emotional Disorders

3. Substance Abuse Prevention

1.How Vaping Affects the Body

2.How Drugs Affect the Body

3.The Risks of Alcohol Abuse

4.The Dangers of Tobacco and Nicotine

4. Reproductive Health

1.Reproductive Health System Review

2.Uses for the Reproductive System

5. Sexual Health

1.STD Review

2.HIV/AIDS Review

This middle school focused health class includes comprehensive health and sex education lessons for students in grades 6-8 and aligns to National Health Education Standards (NHES). Through engaging characters, adaptive stories, conversation-based learning, and social media simulations, you’ll learn about how health connects to everything you do. Each section introduces a new category of health and how it impacts your life, relationships, and future.


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