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High School Sexual Health Education

Sexual Health

    #STDs#HIV/AIDS#Birth Control#Contraceptives#Safe Sex#Advocacy#Communication#Self-Management#Relationship-Management#Abuse
2 Sections

1. Healthy Intimate Relationships

1.Communicating and Respecting Boundaries

2.Consent and Abuse of Power

2. Prevention and Refusal Skills

1.Pregnancy Prevention and Risk Reduction Strategies

2.HIV and STD Prevention Strategies

This class includes comprehensive sex education regarding boundaries, refusal skills, and STD/HIV prevention strategies and aligns with National Health Education Standards (NHES). Through engaging characters, adaptive stories, conversation-based learning, and social media simulations, you'll learn about the importance of boundaries, communication, applying self-advocacy, and how it's all connected. You'll walk away with tools and strategies you can use in your life as you navigate building healthy intimate relationships.


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Sexual Health