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What is Mental Health?

Mental Health

4 Sections

1. Class Preview

1.Trailer: What is Mental Health?

2. Introduction


2.Meet the Class

3.Choose 5 things from the list below that are characteristics of a mentally and emotionally healthy person.

4.Alone at Lunch

5.Reaching Out

6.Big Bro Advice

7.Your state of mental health can directly affect your physical health.

3. Habits

1.Visiting Sam’s Room

2.Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals

3.A person who is struggling with their mental health can experience which of the following?

4.What is another reason why Sam is up so late?

5.Choose 5 things from the list below that can negatively affect your mental and emotional health.

6.Creating a Plan

7.What is an example of a SMART goal Sam can set for herself?

8.People who are emotionally healthy ____.

4. Making a plan

1.Examples of Being Persuasive

2.Choose three things from the list below that can help in persuading others to make positive mental and emotional healthy choices.

3.Always good to reach out

4.You can do this!

Class Includes

7 Videos
5 Modules
8 Questions