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The Dangers of Tobacco and Nicotine

Substance Abuse Prevention

4 Sections

1. Class Preview

1.Trailer: The Dangers of Tobacco and Nicotine

2. Introduction

1.Getting Started

2.Meet Remi

3.Remi's Instagram

4.Hanging with friends

5.Remi doesn't want help

6.Reflection 1

3. Symptoms

1.The affects of dopamine

2.What causes the “high” feeling you get from drug use?

3.Nicotine overload

4.What short-term effects of tobacco and nicotine products was Remi experiencing?

5.Mom's Concern

6.Ease mom's worries

7.Habits catch up

8.Reflection 2

4. Making a Change


2.What is a good starting point to address drug misuse?

3.A talk with mom

4.True or False: There is no safe amount of secondhand smoke

5.Remi asks for help

6.What can Remi do instead of smoke?

7.What should Remi say?

8.Dad's advice

9.How did Karina and Nick help Remi?

10.What are 3 of Remi’s triggers for smoking?

11.Road to recovery


Class Includes

15 Videos
5 Modules
7 Questions