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Sexual Health

6 Sections

1. Class Preview

1.Trailer: HIV/AIDS Review

2. Introduction

1.HIV/AIDS Review - Introduction

2.Aren't they the same?

3. Learning the facts

1.T cells

2.What is HIV?

3.How HIV spreads

4.Which of the following are the ways to avoid catching or reducing your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection?


6.Transmission part 2

7.Transmission part 3

4. What's the difference?


2.When HIV becomes AIDS

3.A quick summary

4.Living with HIV

5. At the party

1.It's party time!

2.Can Ryan catch HIV from pounding fists or shaking hands with Taylor?

3.In which of the following ways can Ryan catch HIV from Taylor?


5.What does HIV stand for?

6.What is HIV?

7.Risky behaviors

8.Using drugs or getting drunk can increase your risk of contracting HIV or an STI.

9.What kinds of protection decrease the likelihood of contracting HIV or an STI?

10.Stay aware

11.In addition to heavy drinking and drugs increasing your risks of engaging yourself in situations that can lead to contracting HIV, can you contract HIV from sharing needles used to inject drugs?

6. Conclusion

1.Getting tested

2.You should get tested if you think you are at risk of having been exposed to HIV.

3.If you test positive, you should contact all of your past partners to let them know so they also can get tested.

4.Getting tested before engaging in sexual activity with a new partner or between partners is a good idea.

5.There are many medications and treatments to help people who are HIV+ live longer and healthier lives. However, there is still no known cure that works for everyone.

6.Summing it all up

7.HIV/AIDS Review - conclusion

Class Includes

20 Videos
0 Modules
12 Questions


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