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STD & HIV Prevention Strategies

Sexual Health

5 Sections

1. Class Preview

1.Trailer: STD & HIV Prevention Strategies

2. Introduction

1.STD & HIV prevention strategies - Introduction

2.What are condoms?

3.What are condoms used for?

3. Types of Protection

1.How effective?

2.True or False: Abstinence means to not engage in sexual intercourse including vaginal, anal, and oral sex.

3.How to use a condom part 1

4.How to use a condom part 2

5.Check all the lubricants that can be safely used with condoms.

6.Latex condoms are the most effective condoms for preventing the transmission of STIs and HIV.

7.Polyurethane condoms are the most effective type of condoms because they are the strongest.

8.Polyurethane condoms are more likely to break or slip off because they are not as flexible as latex condoms.

9.Natural condoms are not effective protection against HIV or STIs.

10.Natural condoms are not the most effective form of birth control.

11.It is most effective to use both a male and female condom at the same time.

12.Unlike a male condom, a female condom can be inserted up to 8 hours before intercourse.

4. A word of caution

1.Safety in relationships

2.People can have an STI or HIV and not show any symptoms.

3.Symptoms and prevention

5. Conclusion

1.Where to go for testing

2.Wrapping it up

3.STD & HIV prevention strategies - conclusion

This course focuses on condom information and demonstration. It begins with the gym teacher introducing a special visitor in Health class. The visitor gives a comprehensive overview and complete demonstration of all condoms and the appropriate way to use them. Male, female, latex, polyurethane, natural skin, ribbed, studded, sensation, thin, extra thick, lubricated and other condoms are discussed as are water, silicone and oil based lubricants with the advantages and risks of each type of lubricant. She also discusses all possible prevention methods, including emphasizing abstinence as the safest method to avoid STDs and pregnancy.


Class Includes

11 Lessons
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11 Quizzes