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Black History with Origin of Everything

In this collection, you can access the Black History content we've curated from Origin of Everything, an informative and engaging PBS series hosted by Danielle Bainbridge that airs on YouTube.

Why Does the Government Care about Race?

Why does the government care about race? If we're all more than our race, why is the federal government keeping track of it? Today we dive into the history of the the US census - from its dark history of voter disenfranchisement to the present day where that same information is used to fight gerrymandering.

Origin of Everything

Why Do We Have Private Prisons?

The US imprisons more people than any other country in the world. Today, Danielle explores why so many Americans are incarcerated and why we've turned to private prisons to hold that population.

Origin of Everything

Why Do We Have Housing Projects?

What's the history behind public housing? Why do governments all over the world subsidize housing for the public. Today, Dannielle look at the evolution of housing projects and how the government got into the landlord game.

Origin of Everything

What is Racial Passing?

What motivates someone to disguise their race, gender, religion, etc.? Today Danielle explores the complicated history of passing in the United States.

Origin of Everything

Why Are There SO Many Confederate Monuments?

Origin of Everything takes a field trip to Washington, D.C. and explores the painful history and legacy of America's Civil War. Danielle looks at Confederate and Union Civil War monuments and what spurred their construction after the war.


What Does It Mean to Be a "Good" Student? | Creators for Change

What does it mean to say someone is a "good" student? Today Danielle breaks down the stereotype of the perfect student and why grades alone don't define children. She also examines the systems and barriers that stop young girls and students of color from reaching their fullest potential.

Origin of Everything

The Problem with Museums

Are museum collections ethical? How did these institutions end up with their vast array of artifacts and remains from every corner of the globe? Well, chances are there was some definite shadiness involved. Today, Danielle examines this complicated debate and looks closely at the cases of Saartjie Baartman and Chang and Eng Bunker.

Origin of Everything

6 Surprising Facts About the 19th Amendment

Today Danielle looks back on the long road to ratification for the 19th Amendment. She explains how the Seneca Falls Convention wasn't seen as important at the time and how some of the most famous suffragists of the time (Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton) wrote a whole history book to ensure they were remembered.

Origin of Everything

Would You Have Joined the American Revolution?

It may seem obvious, but only 40-45% of colonists supported the cause. It's not as simple as it may appear!

Origin of Everything

What is Cultural Appropriation?

What is culture? Can it even be appropriated? Is there a difference between appreciation and appropriation? Join Danielle in the theoretical minefield!

Origin of Everything

How Your Rubber Ducky Explains Colonialism

Rubber is an extremely important part of modern living, from tires to clothes to building materials to adhesives. And though we don’t often think of it in the same league as oil or cotton, industrialization drove the demand for rubber drove into intense competition between world powers hell bent on imperial expansion. How did it happen? Watch the episode to find out.

Origin of Everything

How Did Martin Luther King Jr. Get a Holiday?

Did you know Martin Luther King Jr Day wasn’t celebrated in all 50 states until 2000? And that in order to create the holiday honoring the civil rights leader we needed help from Stevie Wonder and the National Football League. Why was this the case? Well MLK Jr, wasn’t beloved by everyone during his life and winning the battle to create a holiday in his honor took a lot of work. How did it all happen? Watch the episode to find out.

Origin of Everything