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High School Reproductive Health Education

An honest, informative reproductive health curriculum is crucial for helping students make safe choices on their own. Adolescence is when young people begin to desire more freedom and bodily autonomy. They grow curious about sex and will face more pressure to fit in with their peers. Being open about reproductive health can prevent harmful consequences and help students make safer decisions.

Lessonbee offers online reproductive health courses for high school students. Our curriculum offers engaging, evidence-based learning materials and the ability for students to create their own lessons. We cater to students of all backgrounds, gender identities and sexual orientations to empower them to live healthy lifestyles. Get in touch with Lessonbee to learn more about online reproductive health education for teenagers.

Inclusive Curriculum

Inclusivity is a focal point of the Lessonbee curriculum. Every student is different, and recognizing what makes them unique is important to their reproductive health. While prior reproductive health courses would present material through a narrow heteronormative, cis male-centric lens, Lessonbee recognizes the realities of human sexuality. We offer some of the best online women's reproductive health courses for high school girls while ensuring representation for LGBTQ, POC and Spanish-speaking students.

Our reproductive health courses relate to students on a personal level to provide them with solutions in any situation. Personalized, inclusive sexual education empowers all students to practice safe, consensual sex and prevent misconduct. Lessonbee is for students of all backgrounds and identities, so become a member to begin providing an inclusive sex-ed experience.

Why Choose Lessonbee

At Lessonbee, we believe the best reproductive health education comes from honest, evidence-based lesson plans that cater to students as individuals. Our eLearning platform allows members to select topics most appropriate for their students. Each lesson covers accurate, age-appropriate information and will enable students to engage at their own pace.

Lessonbee encourages students to explore and find the material that relates to them. Students learn through stories featuring realistic characters who encompass a broad scope of experiences and identities. Our content adapts to provide the most helpful and relevant information.

As a leading online platform for sexual education, we prioritize the development of user-friendly digital interfaces. Instructors and students can access lessons from any location through the Lessonbee website or via the Schoology App. Our online programs encourage effective remote learning and make age-appropriate sex education available to homeschool students.

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Lessonbee is the leading source for inclusive, evidence-based reproductive health education you can access online. Our engaging content covers various topics in ways any student can comprehend. If you're interested in becoming a Lessonbee member, we encourage you to sample our free content online. Our Solo, Instructor, Group and School membership plans each come with a seven-day free trial, so subscribe to a plan today.

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