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Mental Health Education

Every day, K-12 students face numerous stresses caused by school, family, the world around them and just growing up in general. Whether they are dealing with academic expectations or peer pressure, students will find it difficult to manage their emotions and behaviors without a strong mental health foundation.

That's why it's important to help students build a sound foundation for mental wellness, especially in the classroom, so they can navigaate these challenges as they grow. School-based mental health education helps remove some of the stigma surrounding mental health while supporting and empowering each student to face and overcome their challenges.

At Lessonbee, our research-based mental health and social-emotional learning (SEL) education program for K-12 will positively impact your students both within and outside the classroom.

How Does It Work?

Our mental health education program for K-12 allows you to select topics appropriate for your student's level. These subjects cover important concepts such as emotional disorders, boundaries and resilience. Everything discussed is evidence-based and backed by persona data to create relevant content.

With whichever topic you choose, these courses will be inclusive and culturally responsive for students to learn with. They incorporate a wide range of scenarios, making it easy to encourage trust-building and enabling students to find similar situations they can relate to.

To keep learners engaged, we've made it possible for students to personalize their learning based on the specific topics they'd like to explore more in-depth. We've designed our programs to be interactive, incorporating both gamified learning and leaderboards.

All mental health courses are easily accessible through the Lessonbee website and the Schoology App Center.

Bridging the eLearning Gap

With our online programs, Lessonbee makes accessing comprehensive mental health education and social-emotional learning easy and affordable. On our learning platform, students and teachers will find hundreds of educational videos and interactive lessons waiting to be discovered.

Our mental health education programs are all created by teachers and industry leaders. We update our Content Library regularly to ensure students always have access to the most accurate, engaging information possible.

With every grade level and topic, each lesson comes with a downloadable guide that gives an overview of the content and objectives, scope and sequence, plus recommendations for homework, tasks, reflections and quizzes. With several subscription plans available on our site, you will surely find an option that helps you empower your students and bridge the eLearning gap.

Why Choose Lessonbee?

Whether your students are in elementary, middle or high school, Lessonbee creates age-appropriate content for all grades. Our resources help students build the specific academic, self-awareness and social skills they need to stay on track and find their path health. A wealth of knowledge, skills and values will help learners succeed in the classroom and in their futures.

To learn more about our mental health content, we invite you to browse and preview our content for free before you sign up. For full access to online mental health education program, sign up for one of our subscription plans today.

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