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Virtual Physical Education Classes

When you think of a traditional physical education class, you may picture a large group of students with a single teacher explaining the physical activity for the day. While many students love this format, there are times when even the most excited student begins to feel disengaged.

At Lessonbee, we're here to make a positive change with our virtual physical education classes. With our virtual courses, your students can choose which activity they wish to participate in for greater engagement. We offer many options for your students to find an activity they're interested in and learn more about the benefits of regular exercise.

Virtual Physical Education Curriculum

Many students often face difficulties in a traditional physical education setting. The act of demonstrating a physical skill in front of a large group of their peers is a source of anxiety for many students. Our online physical education classes create a personal education experience to fit the student's specific interests or needs to help them overcome feelings of stress or awkwardness.

With our online P.E. and fitness classes for K-12, we help students gain the skills to make healthy decisions throughout their lives. One of our main points of focus is teaching students the many options available for physical activity. Once they understand this concept, your students can focus on finding physical activities they enjoy and learning more about themselves in the process.

What Makes Lessonbee Different?

When you choose Lessonbee for your virtual physical education, your students gain the ability to explore and attempt new physical activities. Our lessons are self-paced so students can take their time learning new skills as they build their confidence. With our virtual K-12 P.E. classes, you'll find lessons for every grade or learning level.

Using Lessonbee is simple for students, parents and educators. Select the topics you feel are appropriate for your child on our website or through the Schoology App. After making your selections or letting your student select the courses that interest them, they're ready to begin learning and growing.

Building Lifelong Wellness Habits

While your student is moving their body and enjoying themselves with our virtual physical education classes, they're also learning and building lifelong habits. Our lessons help students understand why exercise is essential through data and other scientific research.

Whether you're looking for online physical education for teenagers or options for younger children, we have you covered. Our wide range of lessons allows all students to learn more about their bodies and the best ways to care for themselves through physical activity.

Why Choose Lessonbee

Choosing Lessonbee for your virtual physical education services is a great way to keep students engaged throughout the entire gym class. When students see physical activity in a positive light, it helps them gain confidence. With our classes, many students will participate in activities outside their comfort zone, leading to feelings of empowerment and big smiles that last throughout the day.

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