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Online Sex Education Courses

As your student transitions from childhood to adulthood, they often receive conflicting information about safe sexual habits or relationships. In order to keep your child safe and set them up for lifelong success, it's vital to provide accurate, reliable information.

At Lessonbee, our goal is to provide culturally relevant sex education content for students of all ages. Our digital learning solutions for sex education are age-appropriate to fit the specific needs of your middle or high schoolers. Whether your students are in the classroom or at home, with Lessonbee they'll receive the education they need to make positive choices for their bodies.

Culturally Responsive Sexual Education

In many schools, sexual education is often overlooked or not given the time and attention it deserves. This lack of education can lead to students receiving information from untrustworthy sources, such as friends or the internet. This misinformation can increase dangerous sexual behaviors or unhealthy relationships. When implemented correctly, sexual education gives students the ability to make accurate and positive choices to protect themselves and others.

At Lessonbee, we understand the importance of establishing a strong foundation for sexual health. Through our lessons, teachers, parents or administrators can foster meaningful discussions to enhance the learning process.

How Does Lessonbee Work?

Lessonbee is a unique platform that offers self-paced e-learning solutions for students. To begin, select the topics you feel are age-appropriate for your class or child through our website or the Schoology app. After selecting the topics, your student can start working on their lessons at any time.

Every lesson we provide is research- and evidence-based. Our junior high school sex education curriculum features reflections and role-playing to illustrate essential concepts. We also reflect our values of social justice in our lessons by providing accurate health education to students of all learning levels and backgrounds.

Setting the Foundation

It's never too early to give your students the skills they need to take control of their health. We offer comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education for elementary school students up to seniors in high school. Teaching sexual education topics at a young age, such as boundaries and respect, allows students to be receptive to more significant concepts later in life.

Your child's body will undergo many changes throughout their life that they may not feel comfortable discussing, leading to them turning to possibly untrustworthy resources. When you start their sexual education early, your child may be more likely to communicate their feelings and they'll know where they can find accurate sources of information.

Why Choose Lessonbee?

Lessonbee is your answer for engaging, accurate sexual education courses. Our adaptive programs make it easy for your students to learn essential concepts. With each lesson, your child will feel empowered as they gain the ability to make better decisions.

To start helping your students become better-informed and more confident in themselves, we encourage you to browse our selection of free content to see if Lessonbee is right for you. For access to all of our content, sign up for a subscription today!

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