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Substance Abuse Prevention Online Programs for High School

Substance abuse has a major impact on individuals, their families and the surrounding community. At Lessonbee, our goal is to help high school students make informed decisions and gain effective substance abuse prevention skills.

We offer a variety of online courses to educate young people about the different forms of substance abuse. With our classes, students learn the risks associated with abusing these substances and how to prevent misuse or dependency. Help the student in your life make better decisions with one of our addiction prevention online programs for youth.

Substance Abuse Prevention Programs

As your child transitions from childhood to adolescence, they may feel an increased pressure to make friends and fit in. This pressure can cause teens to make unhealthy choices as they try to gain the attention of their peers. Our drug prevention online programs for high school at Lessonbee will help students make positive decisions to stay healthy and safe.

All of our content reflects our core value of providing accurate health education to students of all backgrounds. Many of our lessons are story-focused with diverse characters and realistic dialogue and situations. Our social-emotional learning practices allow students to feel a greater connection to the lessons, which improves their engagement levels.

Why Lessonbee

Choosing Lessonbee allows your students to learn important concepts about substance abuse at their own pace. Our engaging lessons use social media, gifs, videos and illustrations for an authentic learning experience that adapts to your student's preferences. With our substance abuse prevention online programs for high school, your students will also have the chance to reflect on what they've learned with assessments and reflections throughout the lesson.

Using Lessonbee is easy for students, parents and educators. Use our website or the Schoology app to select which topics you feel are appropriate for your student's age or learning level. Once you make your selections, students can begin our lessons at their own pace.

Helping Students Make Informed Choices

Our data-centered programs help students gain the skills they need to create life-long healthy habits. When young people learn and understand the effects of substance abuse on the body and its impact on friends, family and the community, students will understand the full implications of their decisions about drugs.

When we create our lesson at Lessonbee, our priority is always to make culturally responsive content. Our lessons often include cultural references, mentioning real-life situations or a combination of these two factors and more. The goal of our content is to educate and facilitate meaningful discussions.

Why Choose Lessonbee

Choose Lessonbee to provide comprehensive online substance abuse prevention programs. Our programs help students gain the confidence to make informed decisions regarding their health. We offer lessons on many topics, from the effects of vaping and nicotine to alcohol addiction prevention online programs for youth and more.

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