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Anti-Harassment Training for Supervisors


    #HR Compliance
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Welcome to BizLibrary TV! This anti-harassment course, which was designed to comply with state laws, is sure to capture your engagement while teaching you everything you need to know about workplace harassment. All video lessons are modeled after various TV shows, from Family Feud and Judge Judy to reality shows and cartoons. Throughout this course, supervisors will review what their subordinates are required to learn regarding workplace harassment, including bystander requirements, complaint procedure guidelines, and the EEOC definition of sexual harassment. In addition, leaders will receive training on supervisor and HR responsibilities, warning signs of sexual harassment, and investigation requirements, among other things. In the end, supervisors should know just how to deal with a harassment situation if it occurs and be prepared to prevent harassment from happening in the first place. Special thanks to content consultant Deborah C. England, Esq., of San Francisco, CA, who kindly r