Health Skills

Each skill has its own lesson in the curriculum. Lessons may be integrated with learning experiences to achieve National Health Education Standards.


Student can recognize their feelings, how feelings can influence behaviors and how to carefully consider their own impulses before choosing to act or not act on their feelings and impulses.

Relationship Management

Student can recognize the qualities of healthy relationships, how to nurture healthy relationships, how to correct and/or avoid aspects of unhealthy relationships, and how to discontinue unhealthy and unsafe relationships.

Stress Management

Student can recognize the signs of stress within themselves and others and how to choose positive, alternative means of relieving stress.


Student can communicate their wants and needs regarding safety and health. Student practices and employs refusal skills and knows how to negotiate for safer sex or alternate ways to express affection.

Planning & Goal Setting

Student can determine what they need to prepare, have, know, and do before making decisions to initiate sexual behaviors. Student has personal support systems and knows their importance in achieving their personal health goals.


Student can to determine consequences, ask questions about risks, and weigh the risks and benefits of sexual behaviors in the decision making process. Student can describe how personal health decisions may affect subsequent decisions.


Student identifies ways to increase sexual health awareness throughout their school community. Student works collaboratively with individuals, agencies or organizations to advocate for their health and that of their family and community.

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