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Birth Control: The Final Frontier

Sexual Health

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This video goes over the various ways to prevent pregnancy and STDs. It begins by stating the risk of pregnancy if one partner has a uterus and the other makes sperm, as well as the risk of spreading STDs if two people have sex and one person already has an STD. The video explains that some STDs can be cured, others need to be managed for life, and that using condoms can prevent both pregnancy and STDs. It also explains how “The Pill” can provide protection against pregnancy, but not STDs. The video also goes over Long Acting Reversible Contraception such as Depo Provera (“the shot”), intrauterine device, and the implant. It explains that you can get these methods from a doctor or a family planning clinic, and all are very effective in preventing pregnancy, but do not protect against STDs. The video suggests combining condoms with another method to more effectively prevent against pregnancy and STDs. It also defines abstinence as the only 100% effective way to avoid pregnancy and STDs