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Where Do Babies Come From?

Sexual Health

    #Sex Ed#Reproduction#Birth Control#Contraceptives#Safe Sex#HIV/AIDS

This video describes the process by which sperm and eggs come together to create a baby. It goes over the menstrual cycle and how sperm travels through semen. The video also describes how sperm gets into the vagina through sexual intercourse and defines contraception (when you want to stop sperm from reaching the egg because you do not want to get pregnant). It also mentions other methods of getting pregnant other than sexual intercourse. The video defines a zygote and describes how if the zygote does not find a good nesting place, it passes out of the body during period. If does find a nesting place, this is when pregnancy begins. Finally, the video defines trimesters, womb, and when a fetus is considered full term. It explains that birth can happen through a vagina or through cesarean section (c-section).