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Reflective Learning

Reflective learning is a way of allowing students to develop critical thinking and improve analyzing skills by experience. These skills are integral to character education and helping young people become responsible, caring, and contributing citizens.

Lessonbee offers two reflection assignment types.

Conversational Reflection

Create Reflection

With the conversational reflection, a teacher can promote a forum style discussion amongst students for a specific lesson or the entire class. While creating the conversational type of reflection, a teacher can upload any reference or supporting audio / visual material as attachments – video, audio and document files.

Challenge Reflection

Create Reflection

With a challenge reflection, a teacher can put a prompt to the students and ask them to submit their responses in the form of a video. Teacher and student interaction in such a scenario helps empower students, providing a vision for the content and encouraging practice of new skills. The creation form for a challenge reflection is similar to the conversational reflection. In addition to the functionality included as part of the conversational challenge, fellow students can view and provide feedback on a student submission. The evaluation mechanism for the challenge reflection also differs from conversational style. In challenge style, a teacher can customize the parameters for grading based upon the content or class of reflection. A teacher can upload multiple files as an attachment to the reflection – video, audio and document files.

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