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Mental Health Education (New York)

Lessonbee Mental Health Education curriculum created for New York City Department of Education users. These online mental health education courses are vetted and approved by the NYC DOE Office of School Wellness Programs for all NYC secondary schools.




What is Mental Health? (Texas)

In this course, students gain a better understanding of mental and emotional health through the eyes of a student struggling to make friends in a new school.




¿Qué es la salud mental?

En esta lección, los estudiantes seguirán la historia de Sam, una nueva alumna de la escuela que lucha con su salud mental debido a la soledad y los sentimientos de ansiedad. A través de la experiencia de Sam, los estudiantes aprenderán palabras del vocabulario de expresión personal que giran en torno a la salud mental, cómo se interconecta la salud mental con la física y qué factores cotidianos afectan su salud y estado emocional. También tomarán consciencia de los resultados positivos de hablar con un adulto de confianza sobre los obstáculos que enfrentan y las técnicas para proponerse metas realistas y alcanzarlas. Los estudiantes evaluarán su conocimiento sobre cómo la salud mental tiene efecto en sus vidas cotidianas por medio de respuestas interactivas, verificación de conocimientos y reflexiones dentro de la lección.




What is Mental Health?

In this course, students gain a better understanding of mental and emotional health through the eyes of a student struggling to make friends in a new school. Duration 30 minutes New York State Education Department (NYSED) 1A. lb. There are many factors that can influence one’s mental health, including family, environment, genetics, brain chemistry, health behaviors, personal values, peers, media, technology, culture, and community. 3D. la. Individuals analyze the influences of views on mental health and mental illness (self, family, peers, culture, society, media, etc.) Other Required Health Areas Functional Knowledge ORH.E.2 An individual’s self image is an important component of mental health. ORH.I.2 Mental health influences the ways individuals look at themselves, their lives, and others in their lives. ORH.C.2 An individual’s mental health is impacted by emotions, social relationships and physical health, and has an impact on the way an individual thinks, feels, and behaves.


K-12 Health Content

Through Lessonbee's evidence-based health education programs for K-12, students are empowered to take charge of their mental health and social emotional wellness. With content spanning a range of topics, from learning how to manage stress to how to form healthy intimate relationships, our online learning platform meets the needs of diverse students, homeschooling parents, teachers and schools.

Integrating educational content into your curriculum has never been easier. The comprehensive, interactive curriculum can be accessed right within the Schoology learning management system or Google Classroom. Together, Lessonbee get students engaged and interested in health and lifelong learning. Equipped with the knowledge, skills and values needed to live healthily, students can transform their educational experience — and their lives.

Types of Content Available

Lessonbee delivers health education content for students of all ages. All our health education lessons promote both mental and emotional well-being and teach skills students can apply at school, home, and on the job. Students can personalize their learning with the specific health topics they are interested in exploring.

Our evidence-based health education programs for middle and high school students promote personal, family and community health. Each lesson incorporates diverse characters and scenarios, supporting a culturally responsive learning environment with relatable lessons that get students get fully engaged in their education.

Through adaptive and gamified learning, students will discover just how fun education can be as they choose their own adventure and compete with peers through leaderboards. With the HealthIQ analytics, students can even self-evaluate and track their progress as teachers assess individual student wellness and overall school climate.

These age-appropriate lessons, which have been created by actual teachers, span a wide variety of topics, including:

Health & Wellness Education.
Sex Education/Reproductive Health.
Physical Education.
Substance Abuse Prevention.
Diversity and Respect.
Content for Teachers

Lessonbee K-12 health content is a great way for teachers` to add to their current curriculum and teach students with fun and interactive content. You can deliver relevant, accurate and engaging content in your classroom with our content. We ensure all content aligns with both state and national health education standards, helping you deliver quality content to students of all ages.

You'll even have the option of creating your own content and curriculum on Lessonbee with your own studio. When you teach on our online learning platform, you can easily create private classes for just your own students or public classes that other Lessonbee members can access.

Whether you offer these classes for free or charge a fee, we'll help you navigate all aspects of online course development.

What Makes Lessonbee Different?

Here at Lessonbee, we strive to create interactive, culturally responsive, inclusive content for students K-12 and beyond. From evidence-based sex education to anti-harassment topics, our health lessons allow students to access the resources they need to succeed academically and in all areas of their personal and social lives.

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