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Describe how a healthy sense of self and making decisions regarding setting and respecting personal boundaries promote healthy dating/romantic relationships.

Teen Mental Health Education

Mental Health


This comprehensive health class focuses on mental health and healthy relationships and aligns with National Health Education Standards (NHES). In the Mental Health section, students will gain a stronger understanding of mental and emotional health, types of anxiety disorders and eating disorders, stress-management, self-esteem, and the tools to apply health practices to daily life and stressful environments. In the Communication and Relationships section, students will learn about the 5 love languages, empathetic listening, the importance of consent and setting personal boundaries, and inappropriate relations with figures of authority. Students explore these topics through visual novel-like experiences with illustrations, social media simulations, texting simulations, and adaptivity. Through engaging characters, adaptive stories, conversation-based learning, and social media simulations, student will learn about managing stress and navigating interpersonal relationships through communication and self-advocacy.


Communicating and Respecting Boundaries

Mental Health


This course follows a couple who is having trouble communicating. The student gets to explore both perspectives as they learn about the 5 love languages, empathetic listening, and the importance of consent and setting personal boundaries. Through texting simulations, social media simulations, interactivity, and vivid illustrations, the student gets to engage with the characters and story while learning how to maintain a healthy relationship in a visual novel-like experience.


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