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Demonstrate behaviors to avoid or reduce health risks to self and others.

Intro to Reproduction & Pregnancy

Reproductive Health


This package of three comprehensive and age-appropriate courses introduces students to puberty, reproduction, anatomy, and the stages of pregnancy. Through a series of scenarios and interactive activities, students will explore the connection between sexual behavior and health and be equipped with preventive strategies leading to a healthy lifestyle. Students will have access to three diverse courses and additional character details that add further context to each course.

    #Reproductive Health

Teen Dating Violence and Conflict Resolution



This course follows a teen boy who is in an emotionally abusive relationship, and trying to figure out how to address the situation. The student follows him as he learns about conflict resolution strategies and the signs of teen dating violence. Through a visual novel-like experience with illustrations, social media simulations, texting simulations, and interactivity, the student engages directly with the characters and story.


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