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Demonstrate the use of a decision- making model to evaluate possible outcomes of decisions adolescents might make.


Sexual Health


This course introduces students to HIV and AIDS. The characters in this course learn about the symptoms, treatment, and risk prevention of HIV as a friend has recently been diagnosed with HIV.


Health & Social Emotional Learning

Comprehensive Health


This comprehensive health education class includes health and sex education lessons designed to develop knowledge, skills, and values to promote individual, family, and community health. In Physical Health section, students follow three friends as they create a healthy and balanced lifestyle with habits, exercise, and dietary choices through researching their community and personal habits. They will learn about the systems of the human body, the stages of human development, and what contributes to a healthy lifestyle. In the Mental Health section, students will gain a stronger understanding of mental and emotional health, types of anxiety disorders and eating disorders, stress-management, self-esteem, and the tools to apply health practices to daily life and stressful environments. In the Substance Abuse section, students will learn about the risks of using e-cigs or vaping products, abusing prescription drugs and marijuana, how habitual drinking can lead to alcohol dependency, how using tobacco products can lead to a nicotine dependency; and how to make healthy decisions to prevent substance abuse. In the Reproductive Health section, students will learn proper terminology for the female and male anatomy and the basic functions of both systems. And in the Sexual Health section, students will learn about the symptoms, treatment, and risk prevention of HIV and STDs/STIs. Through engaging characters, adaptive stories, conversation-based learning, and social media simulations, students will learn about how health impacts their life, relationships, and future.

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Intro to Reproduction & Pregnancy

Reproductive Health


This package of three comprehensive and age-appropriate courses introduces students to puberty, reproduction, anatomy, and the stages of pregnancy. Through a series of scenarios and interactive activities, students will explore the connection between sexual behavior and health and be equipped with preventive strategies leading to a healthy lifestyle. Students will have access to three diverse courses and additional character details that add further context to each course.

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