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Lessonbee is a fully managed digital learning platform for reflective learning and character education.

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Lessonbee™ is a digital learning platform for 21st century character-based education. Designed to support blended learning, flipped learning, reflective learning, social learning, and personalized learning, Lessonbee enhances classroom instruction by allowing teachers to easily enroll students in interactive lessons, assign tasks, homework, and reflections, create individualized learning plans, analyze performance, provide real-time feedback, and track student progress.

Lessonbee™ features digital character-based health and sex education curriculum developed by our global team of instructional designers and developers in collaboration with certified health education experts, teachers and community-based organizations. Today’s learners have grown up surrounded by online media and expect digital learning. Lessonbee provides the technology and support schools need to integrate digital curriculum into the classroom.

Adaptive Learning

Character-Based Health Education

Lessonbee provides a digital health and sex education curriculum that uses social media, conversation, and storytelling to help middle and high school students identify responsible choices that will shape their future. Our curriculum provides a turnkey option for schools to implement a health education program that meets the technology expectations of today’s learners, ease of use required by teachers, security and integration demands of school districts, and NYC, NYS and national standards requirements. Our lessons can be used by teachers employing blended learning or flipped learning strategies, and by organizations offering credit recovery.

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Why Teachers Choose Lessonbee

Track Progress

View reports on enrollment, grades, homework, quizzes, tasks, and reflections, and track progress to mastery in an intuitive dashboard.

Access Resources

Add learning objects to your class from the marketplace - including adaptive courseware - or upload your own learning content.

Personalize Learning

Combine learning content to create your own classes, modules, units, lessons and individualized learning plans (ILPs).

Manage Assignments

Assign lessons, quizzes, reflections, homework and tasks, at the class level or to select students and view completion status and scores.

Learning Platform Capabilities

  • play_arrowCreate unlimited classes, modules, units and lessons
  • play_arrowBuy interactive lessons for your classes via the Marketplace
  • play_arrowAdd your own Smart Sparrow adaptive lessons to your classes
  • play_arrowFind and share lessons and resources across your network
  • play_arrowTrack student assignments across classes in one dashboard
  • play_arrowView student grades and progress and export to Excel or PDF
  • play_arrowAssign conversational and challenge-based reflection activities
  • play_arrowCreate tasks to assign real-word activities that anchor learning
  • play_arrowAssign individual and group homework and track submissions
  • play_arrowAssess knowledge with true/false and multiple-choice quizzes
  • play_arrowAccess Lessonbee via your desktop, mobile phone or tablet

Special Offer for NYC Schools

A recent report by New York City Comptroller's office titled "Healthy Relationships: A Plan for Improving Health and Sexual Education in New York City Schools," highlighted the deficiencies in the City’s ability to provide comprehensive health education. Just over half of all middle school students are receiving their mandated semester of health education. Accompanying this report was a list of NYC schools that are failing to meet health education standards. If your school is on the list, you're invited to join our Health Education Pilot and get free access to our health and sex education curriculum for the 2018-2019 school year.