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BCW News

WIN Participant Lessonbee Joins Amazon Accelerator

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has accepted Lessonbee—a Westchester Innovation Network (WIN) participant—into its Education Accelerator.

January 24 2024

Healthcare on Air by Verizon

Accelerating Health Equity: Equal Access to Health Education

Join Reva McPollom, Founder and CEO of Lessonbee as she discusses the importance of equal access to health education with Robin Goldsmith of Verizon Healthcare Strategy and Innovation Group and Courtney Lee Schoon of Verizon’s Forward for Good Program.

September 24 2023

BCW News

WIN’S Lessonbee Accepted into Verizon’s Accelerator

Westchester Innovation Network (WIN) participant Lessonbee has been accepted into Verizon’s Forward for Good Accelerator in Orlando, Florida. Lessonbee was one of seven companies selected for the accelerator’s health equity program out of hundreds

March 16 2023

Literal Humans

Transforming Health Education with Reva McPollom from Lessonbee

This week, Reva McPollom, Founder & CEO of Lessonbee, shares her mission to transform 3-12 health education and social emotional learning.

January 26 2023

WestFair Online

A ‘WIN’ for wellness literacy

Westchester Innovation Network (WIN), a Business Council of Westchester initiative designed to connect innovative products and services with existing organizations to guide and support their development, paired the company with the Yonkers Housing Authority (YHA).

January 5 2023

eSchool News

What SEL teaches us about safety

With SEL, we can foster emotional safety and mental wellness, and help reduce violence and risky behaviors among students

December 26 2022

Yonkers Times

Westchester Innovation Network participant Lessonbee wins 100k Google Award

The health education tech company Lessonbee has won a $100,000 award from the Google for Startups Initiative.

October 1 2022


Lessonbee introduces health platform to Yonkers housing authority

The health education platform Lessonbee will introduce its instructional program this summer to Yonkers' affordable housing residents as part of the Westchester Innovation Network.

June 13 2022

WVOX Radio

Westchester Means Business interview with Reva McPollom, Founder & CEO of Lessonbee

Jon Ravitz, host of Westchester Means Business on WVOX radio, interviews Lessonbee CEO and founder Reva McPollom about her experiences as an entrepreneur transforming 3-12 health education and SEL for students, teachers and families.

May 24 2022

New York Family

Lessonbee: The Online Learning Platform That is Redefining A Family’s Mental Health and Education

While the pandemic and being in lockdown was historically hard for everyone, it was especially rough for kids. In ordinary, pre-pandemic life, I would hear an abbreviated version of my child’s day when they’d come home from school.

Jul 13, 2021

Teachers College - Columbia University

Health Education Can Do Better. Ed Tech Entrepreneur Reva McPollom (M.A. ’12) Is Making It Happen

If your health education classes in school were defined by awkward conversations, outdated science, and silence on issues related to the LGBTQ+ community and different cultures, Reva McPollom (M.A. ’12) relates to what you went through. As the founder and CEO of Lessonbee — an online learning platform that offers culturally relevant health education courses — she’s rewriting the rules to break new ground in how schools teach sex education, mental health and more.

Jun 16, 2021

Hello Alice

What if Health Class Was...Actually Useful?

For years, the extent of American health education was a gym teacher rolling out the slide projector and droning on about the evils of drugs, alcohol, and sex. But Reva McPollom, an entrepreneur with a background in digital learning, believes that today’s generation needs a modern version of health education that meets students “where they’re at.”

Jan 4, 2021

The Root

The Root 100 - The Most Influential African Americans in 2020 - 99: Reva McPollom

Reva McPollom wants to make 'coming of age' less confusing. Her own experience growing up queer highlighted inadequacies in the way topics like mental and sexual health and identity have traditionally been taught in schools. Now an educator and

Sep 21, 2020

Tech Crunch

Health class is outdated, so Lessonbee wants to fix it

Sex education in the United States is complicated.One example: For decades, the United States invested billions into abstinence-only programs. Eventually, schools rejected government funding for these programs and pushed a more

Jun 30, 2020

Fast Company

This startup is redesigning sex education for the Instagram era

In contrast to these outdated modes of sex and nutrition education, Lessonbee is health class for the Instagram age. Founded by Reva McPollom in 2016, Lessonbee offers online classes that take broad topics like depression, bullying, sex, anorexia, gender-

Jun 29, 2020


Rising Startups To Watch With Diverse Founders

Lessonbee, founded by Reva McPollom, is an edtech company on a mission to promote health and lifelong learning through culturally responsive education. It addresses the need for accurate and inclusive learning content for health

Jun 25, 2020

Mind Body Green

10 Resources For Black Mothers — Because Maternal Care Is Important

Founded by Reva McPollom, Lessonbee is a learning tool for students, families, and their educators to learn about the various aspects of health. It was created to address a very real, dire problem affecting students across the U.S.: a lack of access to digital,

Jun 22, 2020


A Founder’s Quest to Build a More Equitable World Through Health Education

Reva McPollom is a millennial mom, digital learning consultant, and the founder and CEO of Lessonbee, an educational technology company that’s reinventing the health education experience with adaptive digital curriculum and instructional tools.

Jun 02, 2020

Progress Report

HIGHER ED From Systemic Racism to Social Isolation

Reva McPollom always knew she liked informing the public. She started her career writing for the Home News Tribune and the Star Ledger in New Jersey in the early 2000s. As digital media evolved, so did she.

May 28, 2020

Columbia Venture

CVC Success: Lessonbee

Lessonbee is an educational technology company and was recently approved by the Chicago Public Schools Office of Student Health and Wellness as a supplemental resource. Chicago Public Schools is the third largest school district in the United

Feb 26, 2020

Columbia Venture

CVC-NY Demo Night with Reva McPollom

Lessonbee Founder Reva McPollom makes health class interactive and thoughtful. Here she also describes the tough realities of building a startup and balancing life. Lessonbee is one of six Columbia affiliated startups who will be presenting in the 9th

Oct 10, 2019


An Impact Accelerator For Startups Just North Of The Big Apple

Mt. Vernon, NY-based Lessonbee, which aims to transform health education with a new platform of health and sex education materials. According to founder Reva McPollom, her goal of building better health education will have a profound impact on

Jun 30, 2019

Westchester Magazine

Accel7 Helps Grow Westchester and Hudson Valley Startups Into Forces for Change

Lessonbee, is focused on building a platform to help with sex and health education in the public schools in the region. New York State says every public school now needs to offer sex and health education for every single student. Teachers

Jun 18, 2019

Startups Real

Lessonbee, TusDatos and Explorest join TheVentureCity Growth Program

Lessonbee is an edtech company from the USA that’s reinventing the health class experience with culture-responsive adaptive digital curriculum delivered via a cloud-based reflective learning system. “We recognize that healthy students behave

Feb 03, 2020

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