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About Lessonbee

Lessonbee is an online learning platform with lessons, courses, and classes that enable users to find their path to health in grades K-12 and beyond. At Lessonbee, members can access and create learning experiences to develop knowledge, skills, and values for healthy living.

We provide culturally relevant health education content that promotes mental and emotional wellbeing. For us, providing culturally relevant health education means we invest in ongoing persona development to ensure richness, relatability and realism of our characters; develop stories that include a variety of cultural references; build technologies that foster dialog on deep culture and facilitate trust-building; and celebrate diversity in all aspects.

We reflect the values of social justice in everything we do and are relentless in our mission to help students feel confident, connected and worthy of health and success. We facilitate equitable access to comprehensive and medically accurate health education for all students. We exist to promote health and lifelong learning at all levels, and serve as a catalyst to a healthier world for everyone.

Our Values


Authenticity is being who you are.


Bravery is sharing who you are with the world.


Creativity is how you let who you are shine.


Diversity is how we learn from others unlike ourselves.


Clarity is understanding how we will succeed together.

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