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We’re building a future where every child receives the quality and quantity of health education they need to grow and thrive every year.

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Mission & Vision

Inadequate health education leads to loneliness, preventable diseases, and a strained health care system that consumes 17% of the nation’s GDP. In fact, health illiteracy is so profound in the U.S. that its estimated annual economic impact is $3T. At Lessonbee, we are building a future where every child receives the quality and quantity of health education they need to grow and thrive, and all young people complete grade school with the knowledge and skills to promote individual, family, and community health.

Our Model

REAP (Relevant and Emotionally Affirming Practices) and SOW (Student’s Observed Well-being) was born of the necessity to create the conditions for data-driven health and wellness education in schools and to measure the impact of health education on young people’s well-being as they progress through grades 3-12. Not a destination, but a model of continuous quality improvement, REAP and SOW are constantly working together, as outputs inform inputs, inputs drive outputs, and both are necessary for outcomes.

Our Founder

our founder

Reva McPollom is on a mission to eliminate health illiteracy in this generation by transforming the way we teach, learn, and talk about health and wellness in school, at home, and in the workplace. As a child, Reva struggled to feel healthy and connected and suffered from anxiety and self-harm. Today, she is ushering in a future where young people learn to manage and nurture all dimensions of well-being in grades 3-12.

Reva passionately supports the human economy by architecting programmatic learning solutions that are culturally responsive and impactful. In 2018, she set her sights on disrupting the $26B youth mental health and wellness market by transforming school based health education with Lessonbee, and in 2023 she launched Health Education Heroes to offer free training, Lessonbee curriculum and technology access, and community support to health teachers across the country.

Reva was named one of the “100 most influential African Americans of 2020” by The Root for developing an “innovative” platform that makes "coming of age less confusing” and has been awarded by Google, Hopelab, Headstream, Amazon, and Verizon for her innovative work in the youth well-being space. She holds a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology and Media from Teachers College Columbia University and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

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