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For students and independent learners

Includes everything in free plan
Free access to all paid content created by Lessonbee
Ability to purchase content created by subject matter experts
Ability to create private collections and paths for learning
Health dashboard showing progress and targets of learning
Ability to access and follow themed collections and paths created by Lessonbee



For teachers and homeschoolers

Includes everything in the learner membership plan
Ability to create classes, courses and lessons
Ability to invite learners to private classes
Ability to sell content in the marketplace with no transaction fees
Ability to use free Lessonbee content in creating classes
Ability to bulk purchase content
Ability to generate LTI access url and keys to integrate in custom LMS



For families up to 5 members

Includes everything in the instructor membership plan
Ability to invite 1 additional member instructor and 3 additional member learners
Ability to see completion history and data of invited participants
Ability to see and track list of content items participants are consuming


What is Lessonbee and who is it for?

Lessonbee is an educational technology company providing online health education content. Our platform is for kids and teens and the people who teach health to kids and teens. We also provide agency services for companies looking to develop inclusive digital health and wellness education content targeted towards kids and teens.

Which membership should I choose?

If you want to learn about health topics, earn digital credentials, and create collections, choose the Learner membership. If you want to do this plus teach or track other learners, for example as a parent or teacher, choose the Instructor membership. If you need to grant access to multiple learners and instructors, contact sales.

How does Lessonbee support culturally responsive teaching?

We support culturally responsive teaching (CRT) through self-directed and adaptive digital learning experiences that incorporate diverse characters and stories and allow students to learn through role play. This creates a safe and empowering environment for students to explore health misconceptions, become confident in their health skills, and build a foundation to move from dependent to independent learning.

Is your program evidence-based or research-based?

Lessonbee is research-based and evidence-informed. Our emphasis on reflective learning, learning through play, and culturally responsive pedagogy is informed by evidence on the positive impact of these strategies on cognitive development, student investment, and school culture, especially among culturally and linguistically diverse students.

What standards do you use?

Our curriculum is aligned to the National Health Education Standards (NHES) from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Sex Education Standards (NSES). We also follow state guidelines in New York, Illinois, and Texas, and are in the process of aligning to California, Massachusetts, and Ohio standards.