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Lessonbee Studio

Digital Learning Design Services

Lessonbee Studio provides instructional design and elearning development. We are experts in modern learner experience design creating high quality digital learning experiences that promote the development of new knowledge, behaviors and skills.

What We Do

Lessonbee Studio helps schools shift to remote or fully online learning by translating their teaching materials into self-paced elearning modules. This helps educators save instructional time, reduces the long-term instructional costs for schools, and provides a more interactive and engaging learning experience for students.

Our Approach

We partner with subject matter experts and publishers to create online lessons that can be delivered via Lessonbee classes and optionally shared with the Lessonbee community or sold via the Content Library. We apply empathy, strategy and creativity to deliver effective, efficient and engaging digital learning experiences for students at all levels.

Content Production Process


Before we dive into production we take the time to understand your learners and context, as well as your program goals, objectives and desired outcomes.


Once we understand what “true north” looks like for you, we start to put together the structure for a program that will deliver your desired outcomes.


After the outline is approved we can start the magic of storytelling. Typically, we’ll draft a synopsis and once approved, we’ll work on the complete storyboard.


After the storyboard is approved, we begin production of your animated video. This can include recording voice over as well as adding interactivity.


Your finished video can be delivered in a variety of formats from standard video to full HD. Interactive videos can be exported in SCORM format.


For interactive videos hosted with us we can provide analytics beyond just views to give you a deeper sense of how learners are engaging with your content.

Levels of Elearning

Level 1 Elearning

  • Graphics, images and simple animations

  • Rollovers

  • Basic quiz questions

Level 2 Elearning

  • Clickable animated graphics

  • Menus, glossaries, and links to external resources

  • Simple exercises

  • Audio and video

Level 3 Elearning

  • Animated videos

  • Customized audio recording

  • Complex simulations

  • Scenario-based cases

  • Custom animations

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