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Lessonbee Studio partners with the public sector to create engaging eLearning programs for health, safety, patient education, awareness, and prevention.

What We Do

Lessonbee Studio partners with subject matter experts to create effective health, safety, patient education, awareness, and prevention programs. We combine instructional design best practices with high-end multimedia production capabilities and eLearning development services to maximize learning outputs. We create digital and printable assets to reach your desired audience and develop distribution strategies to maximize reach. 

Our Approach

We partner with public sector organizations to create eLearning interventions that promote healthy lifestyles and behaviors, and safe and healthy communities through our co-design model. Our content team members work collaboratively with stakeholders including board members and subject matter experts and accelerate the impact and reach of programs, with optional inclusion in and distribution of developed modules via Lessonbee’s Content Library.

Current Co-Design Opportunities

Need original content in the following domains? Contact us to discuss a co-design engagement.

    Colorectal Cancer

    Breast Cancer

    Prostate Cancer

    Dental Screenings

    Med Adherence

    Clinical Trials

    Mental Health

    Substance Abuse


    Infectious Diseases

    Women's Health

Our Process

We follow an ADDIE/Agile approach focused on speed, flexibility and collaboration. Our process involves conducting instructional design analysis to identify training objectives and outcomes, understand the context and audience for the training, and develop an instructional design blueprint that leads to the development of effective digital learning programs.



We take the time to understand your learners and the context in the planning phase to ensure we have clarity on your program goals, objectives, and desired outcomes.


In the design phase, we create learning objectives by incorporating a communication strategy that delivers the desired outcomes.


We deploy the right learning technology for your audience and ensure that the eLearning development is carried out agilely through a continuous feedback loop.


In the implementation phase, we deliver optimal training and also carry out a formal evaluation of your program’s effectiveness.


We evaluate your business case through research & analytics to propose further improvements to the learning experience to meet your audience’s changing needs.

Our Capabilities

    Instructional Design

    Elearning Development

    Digital Learning Consulting

    Web/Software Development

    Behavioral Research

    Mobile Application Development

    Animated Video Production

    Live Action Video Production

    Graphic Design and Illustration

    Content Development

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