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Lessonbee is a scalable learning technology that makes comprehensive health education and mental health education accessible at school, work, and home. Browse our features to learn how Lessonbee enhances health teaching and learning with unique characteristics for students, instructors, and districts.

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Health IQ

A healthier you starts by establishing where you’re at. Our quick assessments allow you to take inventory of your health knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Then you can take steps to improve your score through our health courses, classes and learning paths.

Learning Paths

Find your way to a healthier lifestyle by following our learning paths. Every path contains educational videos and actionable exercises to take you from knowledge to action. With content hand-picked by our diverse community of instructors, there’s a path for everyone.

Digital Credentials

Track, validate and share your health knowledge and skills with digital badges. Build a digital backpack of credentials that certify your health achievements for friends, schools and prospective employers. Earn a digital credential for every course completed.

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Access all content and features for one low annual price. Learn how to manage and nurture individual, family, and community health with age-appropriate resources for diverse learners.