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Our Core Features

Lessonbee is a scalable learning technology that makes comprehensive health education and mental health education accessible at school, work, and home. Browse our features to learn how Lessonbee enhances health teaching and learning with unique characteristics for students, instructors, and districts.

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Personalized Onboarding

Students choose target health topics during onboarding in order to track their progress in these topics from their My Health dashboard.

Content Library

Students can access a comprehensive library of original and curated content by the Lessonbee team as a part of their membership.

Learning Leaderboard

A learner leaderboard with individual rankings creates healthy competition and motivates students to acquire new knowledge and skills.

HealthIQ Analytics

The My Health page allows students to track past and pending wellness check-ins, learning progress, self-ratings, and earned badges.

Digital Credentials

Students earn shareable digital credentials to promote their health knowledge and skills on social media and professional networks.

Learning Pathway

Students can follow the learning paths created by the Lessonbee team to deep dive into health topics with multiple content items.

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