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Lessonbee Key Features and Benefits

1 Apr 2021

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Lessonbee is an online learning platform that teaches users how to have a healthier lifestyle. With culturally relevant lessons in health education, students can improve their mental and emotional well-being. By becoming a member, you can help your students create learning experiences to develop lifelong skills for healthy living.

Key Features of Lessonbee

At Lessonbee, our values of accessibility, diversity and creativity are present in all our lessons. Whether your students are learning how to build social-emotional skills or cultivate their personal health, our online classes will help them feel confident, connected and deserving of a healthy and successful life. Some key features of our courses include:

Holistic Health Curriculum

Our holistic health curriculum recognizes that health is more than just a student’s physical well-being. With our holistic approach, we teach students methods to improve their mental, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health as well as their physical condition. Some key benefits of our holistic health curriculum include:

  • Story-based learning to assist with integrated health instruction.
  • Comprehensive health, mental health and sex education content.
  • Structured, age-appropriate lessons with accompanying teacher guides.
  • Choose your own adventure style content to adapt to students’ needs.

Student-Centered Practices

Our student-centered practices shift the focus of each lesson from our teachers to our students to allow for deeper understanding. By focusing on our students first, our instruction helps these individuals develop problem-solving skills and a desire for lifelong learning. Some of the ways we incorporate our student-centered practices into our curriculum are:

  • Wellness check-ins to amplify the voices of our students.
  • Curriculum that celebrates diversity through characters, stories and modalities.
  • Open and private conversations to support reflective learning.
  • A cloud-based content library to encourage self-directed learning.

Measurable Wellness Outcomes

All of our lessons have specific learning objectives that students will achieve by the end of the course. We focus on student self-ratings, self-assessment, and goal-setting in a self-directed learning environment to ensure our wellness outcomes accurately reflect gains in student self-efficacy and well-being. Some of the ways we measure our student’s wellness outcomes include:

  • Frequent assessments to measure and track student learning.
  • Reward badges to motivate students to achieve their wellness goals.
  • Practical assignments to reinforce learning with real-world examples.
  • Self-ratings to effectively measure self-efficacy and physical and emotional well-being.

Badging and Backpack

At Lessonbee, we understand the importance of rewarding students to promote positive and appropriate behavior. We reward students by:

  • Offering badges to students after they complete content and activities.
  • Letting students share their badges to LinkedIn as professional credentials.

What Our Students Achieve

By choosing Lessonbee, your students will attain the confidence they need to develop lifelong habits to improve their emotional and physical well-being. Through our culturally relevant health education content, the average Lessonbee student achieves:

  • 40 hours of health instruction every year.
  • 18 verified skills-based digital badges.
  • 10 point increase in self-efficacy ratings.

Become a Lessonbee Member

Help your students have more confidence in their health skills by becoming a Lessonbee member. We offer membership plans to meet the specific needs of students, parents, teachers and school districts. Create a healthier world for everyone with Lessonbee today!

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