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Lessonbee for Parents

Meet your new health teacher.

Healthy students behave better and perform better academically. But, with limited time in the curriculum, sometimes health classes do not cover everything students need to learn to make responsible health choices. Lessonbee prepares kids and teens to manage and nurture their health with a skills-based curriculum and medically accurate content that aligns with National Health Education (NHE) and Sexuality Education Standards for physical, sexual, social, emotional, and mental health education.

Connect with your kids.

Create new opportunities to connect with your children while supporting their health and wellbeing. Our comprehensive curriculum supports quality parent-student involvement by decreasing the guesswork, labor and discomfort that come with talking about complex health topics. Through interactive classes and self-paced videos, kids and teens can identify with characters, use creative problem solving, and build confidence, while you stay present to guide them through what emerges in the moment.

Share with a learning pod.

Lessonbee supports self-paced learning and group learning led by an instructor. Instead of spending hours searching for medically accurate resources, you can facilitate meaningful discussions with students, or sit back and watch them forge their own path to health. Depending on your intended use, you can purchase individual classes and student memberships or sign up as an instructor to teach your own classes.

Support your community.

If you want to promote health and lifelong learning and seek resources that add value to your community, Lessonbee can help. We provide digital health and sex education resources proven to engage students and reduce risky behavior. Partner with us to bring the highest quality interactive health education classes and lessons to students at all levels. We use brain science and designed adaptivity to create culturally relevant health education content that supports social-emotional learning. To learn how to sponsor Lessonbee in your community, contact us.

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