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Human Development

The Human Development path reviews the body systems and growth and development throughout life stages, as well as strategies to maintain overall health. This path includes the following lessons: -How the Body Works -Adolescence & Puberty Estimated duration: 3 hours How do I teach my students how the body works? In this path on human development, students...

How the Body Works

'How the Body Works'' follows Rachel, Isaac, and Liam as they learn about the systems of the human body, the stages of human development, and what contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Students explore the impact of habits on the human body and how to keep the body systems healthy. This lesson answers the following questions: -What habits support...

30 min


How the Body Works - Path

Human Body Systems

Learn about the anatomy of the human body systems with this fun educational music video and parents. Brought to you by KLT. Don't forget to sing along.

2 min


Human Body Systems


Human Body Systems - Task


What did you do to take care of your body system? How did it feel to practice self-care?

Adolescence and Puberty

"Adolescence and Puberty" follows Eva, Dylan, and their friends. Both Eva and Dylan experience embarrassing episodes with their bodies in gym class. Eva and Dylan turn to their friends for support and guidance. Through these conversations, students discover that although some bodily functions can feel embarrassing, they are normal. In the process, students identify proper terminology for the female...

60 min


Adolescence and Puberty - Path


Going through puberty is like having your body taken over by some kind of zombie virus. Your face will break out. You'll start to smell weird. You'll be constantly exhausted. You'll grow hair in... places. Got the puberty blues? Here's the silver lining: The exact same thing is happening to everyone your age. Today, we're doing a slightly different WellCast....

6 min




Puberty - Task


Having a conversation about puberty can feel awkward, but speaking with someone who has gone through it can be very helpful. How did you feel about having that conversation? Why?


What did you learn about human development? What are you taking away from this path that you will apply to your life?

Takeaway Skills

1. Self-Care.

2. Communication.

3. Self-Awareness.

4. Body-Awareness.

Path Details

2 hours

4 lessons


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