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Mental & Emotional Health

The Mental & Emotional Health path reviews mental health and various behavioral and emotional health disorders. It also reviews strategies for relieving stress and healing from trauma. This path includes the following lessons: -What is Mental Health? -Managing Stress & Building Resilience -Mental & Emotional Disorders -Trauma & Sleep Disorders Estimated duration: 5 hours How do I...

What is Mental Health?

"What is Mental Health?" follows the story of Sam, a new student at school who is struggling with her mental health. Through Sam’s journey, students will gain a better understanding of how mental and emotional health show up in their daily lives. Students will analyze the characteristics of a mentally and emotionally healthy person, practice recognizing signs of and responding...

30 min


Mental Health - Path

What is Mental Health?

This video walks through what mental health is.

4 min


What is Mental Health - Path


Mental Health - Task


What barriers do you think you might face when trying to achieve your goal? What can you do to prevent those barriers from blocking your goal?

Managing Stress and Building Resilience

"Managing Stress & Building Resilience" follows the stories of Chioma, Isaac, and Liam, who are all struggling with different stressors, in school, at home, and in athletics. Through following the interactive character journeys, students will identify the meaning of stress, its causes and effects, as well as healthy ways to relieve stress. This lesson answers the following questions:...

60 min


Managing Stress & Building Resilience - Path


We all face stresses in life – schoolwork, conflict with peers, and more. How can we cope? In this series of videos on self-care, we hear from students in middle school, high school, and college about the stresses in their lives and how they practice self-care to manage.

7 min


Self-Care - Path


Self-Care Task


Select one word to describe how you feel after completing this meditation activity.

Mental and Emotional Disorders

"Mental and Emotional Disorders'' follows the story of Gabrielle, who struggles with panic disorder, and Garrett, who struggles with binge eating disorder. Students will learn to distinguish types of anxiety disorders and eating disorders; recognize signs, symptoms, and causes of anxiety disorders and eating disorders; understand impulsive behaviors and their risks, and learn how and when to seek out...

60 min


Mental and Emotional Disorders - Path

Signs and Symptoms of Mental Health Disorders in Teens

We’ve teamed up with Wiltshire Mind to raise awareness of how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental illness. If you think you, a family member, friend or colleague is affected you are not alone. We can all play a part in breaking the stigma associated with mental ill health and start a discussion. Brought to you...


Signs and Symptoms of Mental Health Disorders


Signs and Symptoms of Mental Health Disorders - Task


How did you feel before, during, and after completing this task? Do you see yourself trying this more regularly? Explain why.

Trauma and Sleep Disorders

"Trauma and Sleep Disorders" follows Carter and Linda Ortega as they learn about trauma, sleep disorders, self compassion, gaslighting, and personality disorders. Both are suffering from PTSD after they witness a disturbing scene and are experiencing paranoia related to their father's behavior. While taking this lesson, students will learn to define and explain causes of trauma and PTSD, identify coping...

40 min


Trauma and Sleep Disorders - Path


Trauma and Sleep Disorders - Task


How did you feel before, during, and after completing this task? What was your favorite part? What would you do differently next time?


What did you learn about mental and emotional health? What are you taking away from this path that you will apply to your life?

Takeaway Skills

1. Stress-management.

2. Self-awareness.

3. Empathy.

4. Resiliency.

5. Goal Setting.

6. Accessing mental health resources.

Path Details

4 hours

7 lessons


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