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Lessonbee Schoology Integration

Lessonbee integrates with Schoology to create one seamless teaching and learning experience. Discover how your school or district can transform health class and boost Schoology adoption with Lessonbee.

Maximize your Schoology investment with Lessonbee

Support your teachers where they are

Teachers can purchase Lessonbee content right inside the Schoology and assign it to students. Students access it without leaving Schoology.

Say goodbye to multi signups

Teachers don't need to signup to use the Lessonbee app inside Schoology. Just install and configure the app and you are good to go.

Assign and track learners in one place

Students can learn and complete Lessonbee content right inside the Schoology. Teachers can see the enrollment data of students.

As a health teacher, I spend a lot of time searching the Internet to find quality resources but still struggle to engage students in health class. With the Lessonbee integration in Schoology, I was able to access self-paced interactive health courses that keep learners engaged and track their completion status all in one place.


How do I install the app in Schoology and do I need any configuration keys?

You can search for the Lessonbee app in the Schoology App Center under the Health and Physical Education category. Yes, you will need customer key and shared secret for configuring the app, you can generate it from the current page by clicking button titled “Get Credentials”. Please refer to the guide here.

As a teacher, how do I add a Lessonbee course inside Schoology?

When you open the app inside the Course Materials section of Schoology, you will see our list of courses with individual prices. You can purchase student seats using a credit card or coupon code for the corresponding course and share it with students.

As a student, how do I access Lessonbee course inside Schoology?

After your teacher has added the Lessonbee course as a material in Schoology, you can click on that link inside Schoology and it will ask you for your name and a code. You can ask your teacher for the code. Once all fields are successfully submitted, you can access the course right inside Schoology.