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Health Education Solutions for Schools & Districts

Lessonbee keeps students engaged in health class with self-paced courses that promote social-emotional learning. As the country fights for health and social justice, with Lessonbee, you can lead the way towards a healthier and more inclusive future for your students through age-appropriate online health courses and tools to track student progress to mastery at every level, whether learning at home or in the classroom.

Why Work With Lessonbee?

Lessonbee takes the guesswork out of health education, freeing teachers to facilitate meaningful discussions instead of searching for resources. Interactive courses allow students to explore health topics in a safe and empowering digital environment, use creative problem solving, and build confidence. Our self-paced and culturally relevant content promotes trust between the student and teacher, increasing the student’s connection with school and their investment in making healthy lifestyle choices.

How does it work?

With Lessonbee you can select the topics that are appropriate for your school or district to teach health education, sexuality education, and mental health education in the classroom and at home, and promote social-emotional learning with medically accurate, culturally relevant, and age-appropriate content. Courses can be accessed via Lessonbee, a public web link, or within Schoology. Visit our Lessonbee Schoology page to learn about how Lessonbee can help you transform health class and maximize your Schoology investment.

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