Advance health, education, and environmental sustainability.

Schools across the country are challenged to provide the health education students need to make responsible health choices that impact their communities and the world at large. Businesses can play a critical role to support well-rounded health education for K-12 students in order to develop the next generation of health-conscious consumers.


Why is Comprehensive Health Education Important?


teens have mental health issues and avoid daily activities when they feel bad about their appearance.


middle schools teach lessons on all 16 of the nationally recommended topics for sexual health education.


of all schools do not have district or state requirements for students to receive nutrition education.

What Makes Our Program Unique?

Our learning design approach emphasizes understanding common student misconceptions. Development of student personas informs us of what areas of engagement are most important to students, how they see and value themselves as it relates to health education content, and what lifetime goals they have for the future. With this level of detail we design culturally responsive adaptive lessons.

Lessonbee offers three levels of adaptivity. Adaptive feedback is tailored to the learner at the specific moment in their lesson based on how they just interacted with a screen or series of screens. Adaptive pathways are the sequence of activities or content within a particular lesson that change based on individual student performance. And adaptive classes provide teachers the ability to assign different lessons to different students within the same class.

How does it work?


We work with schools and districts to deploy your branded learning experience in your community.


We quantify your impact for executive leadership and support Corporate Social Responsibility.


We help promote your efforts through our website, case studies, press releases, and social media.

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