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Whenever, wherever, and however you teach health, Lessonbee can help you connect better with your students and take your instruction to the next level.

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Lessonbee is intuitive and covers a wide variety of health topics. The lessons are well organized and extensive which makes weekly lesson planning much easier. I love that the short response questions require students to be more introspective and spark deeper conversations about the topic. They can be used as the main lesson or to supplement your own plans and topics. Lessonbee is an all-around useful tool for any health teacher.

-Kadeem Lyttle, High School Teacher

Why Teach with Lessonbee?

Health & Physical Education Teachers

K-12 will spend 12,000 hours on instruction by the time they graduate from high school. Less than 3% of that time will be spent learning how to manage and nurture their health and the health of their communities.

Our system automates delivery of 40+ verified hours of comprehensive health insruction per student, per year, & tracks the impact on school climate & students behaioral outcomes.

Teach with Lessonbee

By teaching with Lessonbee, you promote a safer, healthier, and more equitable world,

Lessonbee provides teachers with the tools and resources to provide students with an adaptive, reflective and individualized learning experience that prepares them for continuous skill building in the real world.

Health Experts & Influencers

We offer resouces and support to help you easily create culturally relevant and medically accurate classes that align with local and national health eaducation standards.

We offer a platform to stll your own online classes and lessons, free content to make class creating even easier, and a built- in audience of students looking for content from experts like you.

Flexible Implementation

Our adaptable solution supports implementation in multiple environments in and out of school.

How It Works?

Get started in three simple steps.


Give your class a title and description & upload your content. Classes are structured around lessons in video or SCORM format.


Submit your class for review & approval by Lessonbee staff. Only classes that meet our criteria can be made public.

Go Live

Once your class is approved, you can invite students & promote your class across social media. Need tips? We’re here to help.

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