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“If only I had something like this when I was a kid.” It’s a common regret that we hear. With Lessonbee, you can turn “if only” into opportunity so that the next generation has the knowledge and skills needed to confidently manage and nurture their health. There are 57 million grade school students in the United States. Most will not receive the health education they need during their formative years to make responsible health choices. Together, we can help change this. Become a Lessonbee instructor to help create a healthier future for everyone all while increasing your own health knowledge through self-paced online professional development.

From our instructors

Before Lessonbee, I was nervous to teach mental, emotional, and social health. Now I have tools for students to help manage their stress.

Why teach on Lessonbee?

Students in grades K-12 will spend 12,000 hours on instruction by the time they graduate from high school. Less than 3% of that time will be spent learning how to manage and nurture their health and the health of their communities. By teaching on Lessonbee, you promote a safer, healthier, and more equitable world. Lessonbee instructors include parents, school health teachers, social workers, health education specialists, medical professionals, counselors, and health and wellness influencers. If you’re passionate about health promotion, we offer resources and support to help you create culturally relevant and medically accurate classes that align with local and national health education standards. Create private classes for your students only, or create public classes for Lessonbee members. Offer classes for free or for fee.

Health & Physical Education Teachers

Teaching health class to grade students is no easy task. In fact, for many health teachers, accessing resources to provide credible health instruction is one of their top concerns. Health teachers can spend countless hours every year searching the Internet for up-to-date and medically accurate information on topics like nutrition, sexual health, and mental health, and still find it difficult to keep students engaged in health class. With Lessonbee, there’s no more searching. You’ll have access to hundreds of educational videos that are handpicked by our health education specialists and dozens of interactive self-paced classes and courses that students can access on their own time anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Health Experts & Influencers

Whether you’re looking for a new channel for monetization or just want to make an impact on the lives of as many kids and teens possible, Lessonbee can help you scale your reach. We offer a platform to sell your own online classes and lessons, free content to make class creation even easier, and a built-in audience of students looking for content from experts like you. We can help you navigate the complex mishmash of US health education standards and even collaborate on online course development via Lessonbee Studio. With Lessonbee, you can tap into the $4.5T global wellness economy and help reshape K-12 health education by sharing what you know about health and wellness with our members.

How it works?


Give your class a title and description and upload your content. Classes are structured around lessons in video or SCORM format.


Submit your class for review and approval by Lessonbee staff. Only classes that meet our criteria can be made public.

Go Live

Once your class is approved, you can invite students and promote your class across social media. Need tips? We’re here to help.

Become a Lessonbee Instructor

Lessonbee is a transformative online education platform that promotes health and lifelong learning for millions of students and professionals.